IPRs and Businesses- An introductory session on IPRs with case examples by Adv. Aazmeen Kasad

For this session CSC had over Adv. Aazmeen Kasad, a veteran in the industry and also a professor of law, to throw some light on IPRs and their cruciality to businesses as well as individual entities. The session was full of real-life based case examples and also a live public search and filing procedure for Trade Marks through the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks (Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India) portal.


Understanding of a Contract, a session by Prof. Kishu Daswani

Who says you need to know about contracts only if you are a lawyer? In today’s world it is important for all of us to know what are we getting ourselves into. Thus, to throw light on such an important, CSC had over Prof. Kishu Daswani, a professor of law with an experience in teaching for more than two decades in renowned institutes. The two hour long  session focused on understanding basic elements of contracts and their use as per need.


Relevance of Case Studies and their use in Business Schools with Mr. Upamanyu Acharya

Keeping in mind, the interests of many students who wish pursue their further education in top business schools across the globe, the Cohort called in Mr.Upamanyu to lay emphasis on the relevance of case studies and their use in the classroom as well as in the corporate world, drawing conclusions from his time as finalist the HSBC International Case Study Competition 2017 held in Singapore and while pursing his MBA at IIM Ahmedabad.


The Way Ahead-An online discussion inspired from the pandemic in hand

Pivoting our methods, just like the pandemic hit activities, the Cohort conducting its first ever online session which was inclusive of student members sharing their opinions on business problems, potential solutions and laid down views to gain clarity on the way ahead for businesses, people and to some extent even education.


The Industry of Consumer Retail (Problems and Solutions of the Past, Present and
Future)-An online discussion

This session by the Cohort dealt with a narrow yet a lucrative topic where the students participated in a group discussion about challenges faced by the consumer retail industry and its ancillary industries. The discussion touched almost every point on the spectrum relating to the industry bringing out strong opinions and solutions from the students’ end. Thus achieving the aim of stirring the minds to bring out creative panacea to modern issues.


Infinite Growth-Setting your trajectory, a talk with Mr. Vivek Sirwani

Bringing a bit of a change in the traditional decorum of the Cohort, this session with Mr. Vivek (Strategic Alliances and Growth at CRED) focused on utilising of personal tools to achieve growth in work and personal life. This, he however did by discussing a real-life case study, himself! Throwing light on his time at small startup which later turned into a $450M valued company, heshared his experience working in a high growth start-up.


Identifying Essentials of a Case with Mr. Pragyan Pittie
The Cohort kicked off its first session for the season with a session on identifying the essential areas of a case in hand. This particular session targeted the reading and analytical skills of the students who solved a starter’s case study and gained some valuable insights from Mr.Pragyan Pittie.


Approach Selection for Examining Case Studies with Mr. Upamanyu Acharya
With now being familiar to the essentials of a case study,the student members in this session, were guided by Mr.Upamanyu (MBA, IIM-A) on identifying the different manners with which a case can be approached. The students were mentored through real-life experiences and given a gist of “Do’s and Don’ts” to be followed while presenting a case study.


Understanding the story of a Case with Mr. Jaimit Doshi
This session was conducted by Mr. Jaimit Doshi, it was an amalgamation of inspiration and thrill. It explained the underlying meaning and importance of case studies. The student members got a first-hand look into what lies in between and behind the lines of a case study, basically the students understood the reason and the story behind a case.