About the Case Study Cohort

The Case Study Cohort is a platform for students to prepare and present industry conducive solutions to business cases, with help from faculty, mentors and industry experts.


Business Training

The Case Study Cohort sessions focus specifically on training students to adopt a business mindset and focus on solving real life dynamic business cases analytically.

Mentors, faculty and corporate specialists from the industry are brought in for sessions to impart their knowledge, making it a hands on environment for well-rounded business discussions.

A combination of solving and presenting case studies, devising novel solutions and interactive Q&A sessions aims to propel students towards new experiences and industry exposure.


Objectives of the Cohort

  • Enable students to develop public speaking and analytical skills to come up with solutions to modern business cases
  • Help prepare for various national and international case study competitions that happen throughout the year
  • Open avenues for students to interact with industry experts and business case study mentors


Milestones Achieved

Jai Hind College represented India at the HSBC/HKU Asia Pacific Business Case Competition 2017 in Hong Kong.The team of four students (Upamanyu Acharya, Diveek Jain, Pratik Malhotra and Ishaan Singh) as well as Faculty Advisor (Dr. Rakhi Sharma) reached the quarter finals to become a Top 16 team in the world amidst competition from the best universities in Asia-Pacific.

Representing India, which had one of the most competitive national competitions of any of the teams in Asia Pacific, Jai Hind College is proud of their achievement and hopes to build on its legacy to help next years’ teams progress even further.