Jai Hind College Case Study Cohort

Inter-College Business Case Study Competition 2020

With an immensely successful Intra Collegiate Competition, The Case Study Cohort is back, now announcing our Annual Inter-Collegiate Business Case Study Competition. Inviting colleges across the country & even beyond! So if you think you have what it takes to successfully march your way out by solving complex business problems, get your team ready and register now!

What is the Case Study Cohort?

Collaboration of students aiming to promote and excel at problem solving and analytical skills with the help of skill sessions, discussions, and of course, case studies, all of this with the help of industry experts.

Business Case Study Competition

Inter college competition organised every year to test and promote student's knack to give solutions to real life business problems.

Events and Sessions

The Case Study Cohort holds various sessions featuring industry experts to continue on the path of experiential learning and thus creating value in the student community

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